Credit: Shutterstock

We always love hearing about creative wedding shenanigans that make us giggle or think to ourselves, “Why didn’t we think of that?!” But this wedding invitation from a sheriff and his fiancé takes the cake for the most, er, stressful invitation you’ll ever get to someone’s wedding.

A user on Imgur shared a photo of an invitation to her aunt’s wedding. She’s marrying a sheriff, and instead of mailing out standard invitations, the couple decided to make their wedding invitations look like a summons to appear in court. Needless to say, it’s enough to make you freak out and wonder when you could have racked up all those speeding tickets without knowing.

The front of the envelope says “NOTICE TO APPEAR” along with a red URGENT stamp that might make your heart briefly flutter. In the upper left hand corner there’s even a sheriff stamp that looks all too real. You have to pay close attention to the actual invitation, because if you don’t read it carefully enough, you might actually think you have a court date coming up.

But when you take a second look, there’s a little section that says “Graduating From: Dating, Engagement.” At the bottom, there’s a whole section called “Hors Doeuvres, Reception, Dancing To Follow.” That’s when it all registers: this is an invitation for a kickass wedding.

If you think about it, it’s actually a genius idea. Not only is it a hilarious conversation starter that will get people really excited about their wedding, but it’s a highly personalized invitation that shows how much the groom loves his job (and how much the bride supports his work).

We’re into it. And we hope they have the best wedding ever!