Jill Layton
June 21, 2016 2:45 pm

Weddings are great. They’re full of friends, family, dancing, cake, and gifts. But they’re also expensive. Really, really expensive. Which is why many couples are forgoing registering for the typical gifts like cutlery, dishes, and towels for something more practical: Money.

Young couples are way more interested in receiving “honeymoon funds” than actual gifts. They prefer experiences over possessions, and it makes sense. Many couples live together before they get married, so they likely already have a lot of the household items they’d be registering for otherwise. So instead, they request money for a honeymoon.

Searches for “honeymoon fund” on Pinterest have increased by 200 percent, according to a blog posted by Pinterest. And people are voicing their rather strong opinions about the new trend in a forum on The Knot.

“I personally don’t like the idea of having the guests contribute directly to the honeymoon or other ‘non-traditional’ registries. If it were me, I would simply wait to see what gifts I get (monetary or otherwise) and use that to purchase our honeymoon or other trip needs,” LittlePeachBlossom wrote.

“If you asked me for money specifically so you could go on a big fancy vacation, I would be super annoyed. Not everyone can go on a vacation, so it’s super obnoxious (in my opinion) to do that,” wmam35 explained.

“That is exactly what my fiance and I are doing!! My family thinks that it is a great idea (my mom was a little flustered, she has no idea what to do for a bridal shower now haha),” wrote mlynn60

“Honeymoon registries are asking people for money. No amount of cutesy wording will disguise that,” glasgowtolondon wrote.

“I love the idea of a honeyfund and we are considering doing that ourselves. We live in a studio so there is absolutely no room to store this stuff. I think that if your guests truly know you they will understand. We have no expectations for the guests to contribute to the fund but it is a nice option if that’s what they would like to do,” Knottie06332579 wrote.

While many people find honeymoon funds tacky, we aren’t mad at the idea. Most wedding guests want to get couples something they’ll actually use, so we don’t see the difference between buying towels, if that’s what the couple wants, and contributing to an experience they’ll never forget.