Lewis Blake and Erica Skuta got married the other day, and afterward they decided to take in a hockey game. In their wedding clothes, guys. Because hey, why let an amazing wedding gown go to waste?

Apparently, before the newlyweds ended up on television, the groom was holding up a sign that read, “I flew 8,044 miles from New Zealand to be at this game (and to get married).” Um, wow. That’s fan. But it certainly looks as though he’s met his match in Erica. I mean, how many brides would be down with noshing on a hamburger at hockey game in their wedding gowns? We’re guessing not a whole lot. So there’s no doubt in our minds that Lewis and Erica are soul mates. (Heart eyes forever!)

Here they are at their wedding just a few hours before the game.

True love. Definitely. Just set your eyeballs on them post-hamburger in their ringside seats.

Awwww. Congrats to this awesome couple. We hope the hockey game was everything you dreamed it would be.

Check out the footage of the blushing bride enjoying her wedding day burger below.

[Image and video via YouTube.]