June is Pride month, so Amanda Montell, host of the language-based web series The Dirty Word, invited a special guest to school her (and us) on slang words that come from the drag community.

Although we definitely walked away knowing a few more fun slang words, it’s important to note that language originating in 1980s Black drag, gay, and trans culture has been appropriated by white people.

Two examples of this phenomenon are “to read” (to cleverly insult) and “shade” (as in, to throw shade).

Credit: YouTube / WifeyTV

If you read celeb gossip blogs (*raises hand*), you’ve probably heard the phrase “spill the tea.”

This fun, catchy term originates from (you guessed it!) drag culture.

Credit: WifeyTV / YouTube

To learn the difference between the words “kiki” and “kaikai,” and the meaning of “fishy,” watch the entire video below.

Pride Month is the perfect time to educate yourself and recognize drag’s contributions to our culture. If you’re going to use the language, use it consciously and with history in mind.