Today, Starbucks unveiled their newest caffeinated beverage: the Latte Macchiato. A medley between the latte and the macchiato, the drink is made with “just two ingredients — espresso and milk— combining perfectly aerated whole milk free-poured, creating a meringue like foam, and then topped with two full, roasty espresso shots which are slowly poured through the foam ‘marking’ the milk with a signature espresso dot,” according to a Starbucks spokesperson.

BUT WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN? Curious, we decided to try it.


I ordered four tall drinks as is, no substitutions, and no extra sugar added. When I stood in line at Starbucks, I asked the barista what is probably on all of our minds: “What makes a Latte Macchiato different from a latte, and different from a macchiato?”

He replied, “It’s marked up with espresso on top, giving it a different flavor profile when you drink it —it’s subtle.”

“Okay,” I said, even though I still didn’t understand.


As promised, each drink was “marked” with espresso. Cool.

And how it tasted? To me, it tasted no different from a latte, except maybe a little bit more bitter, and less creamy than I expected it to be. Here are some more thoughts from the HelloGiggles office:

“When I first tasted it, I thought to myself, ‘Isn’t this just a strong coffee?’ Whatever flavoring is in there is incredibly subtle, and even though I generally don’t mind black coffee, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Adding sugar brings it to that ‘generic sugary coffee’ taste. For my own part, I’ll stick to my usual Starbucks order the next time I’m in.” – Lily Min

“This tastes just like a latte to me. Maybe it kind of tastes like it was made with a different bean than they normally use for lattes? I’m confused.” – Leonora Epstein

“TBH, this tastes like warm milk with a hint of coffee. If I order a macchiato, I usually order an iced caramel macchiato, so the fact that this tastes so much like a grown up drink and so little like it might send me into a sugar coma is kind of disappointing.” – Christina Wolfgram


BUT. But. Was the Latte Macchiato more caffeinated than the regular latte or macchiato?

“I am inclined to say yes, but I drank some regular coffee earlier so I might be feeling that too.” – Christina Wolfgram

“That, it accomplishes. I feel like my eyes are O_______O.” – Lily Min

“LOL no clue.” – Leonora Epstein

I, too, am ambivalent. I feel awake, but considering I also had a cup of coffee in the morning, I feel like I should feel more hyper. This could also be because we each had a small cup, not a grande or venti, which I normally order/need if I want to be a productive human being.

Final verdict? Eh. It’s OK, but nothing special. Maybe we’ll just stick to lattes and macchiatos.

(Images via Gina Vaynshteyn)