June is bustin’ out all over! Can you believe we’re almost halfway through 2013 already? On the upside, it’s time to queue up some fun-in-the-sun jams. Just try not to let this crazy carousel ride known as summer end without making the most of it.

To kickstart the new month, here’s another edition of “The Week In WHAT?!” – because it’s June, June, June!

Talk About Typo Personality

Although we live in the smartphone era, it’s always important to triple check any work-related messages you’re sending while on the go. You never know when one seemingly harmless typo or auto-correct could spell D-O-O-M for your career. A wide eyed would-be summer intern learned this lesson the hard way after he sent a quick response to his potential employer, thanking the supervisor for meeting with him on a Thursday. That’s when things went downhill. He forgot to capitalize the word “Thursday,” and the employer considered the error a lack of attention to detail. After receiving the news, the college student waved goodbye to his dream of fetching coffee, picking up dry cleaning and booking someone else’s travel plans for the next three months.

Here She Is: The Artist Formerly Known As Miss Universe Canada

If there’s anything that could make a beauty pageant more awkward than the interview round where judges ask contestants questions that ultimately lead to a few nonsensical answers, it would be crowning the wrong champion. As the result of yet another egregious typo, the organizers of Miss Universe Canada incorrectly named Denise Garrido as the winner when she actually finished in fourth place. Within 24 hours, a third-party audit discovered the discrepancies between the judges’ handwritten scores and the information entered into the computer. Officials informed Garrido of the mistake and reversed the decision, handing the title over to its intended owner, Riza Santos. “I will always have the memory of being the 24-hour queen,” said Garrido. Well, there you have it: world peace.

Your Brain Is Not Your Backpack

If you regularly tune in to this “The Week In WHAT?!” column, you’ll recall a story about a man who discovered a knife in his back three years after the bar fight that put it there. Apparently, these things happen more frequently than one might expect. This week, German doctors operated on an Afghan man to remove a four inch pencil that was lodged in his head – for the last FIFTEEN YEARS. The (now) 24-year-old frequently complained of headaches, a runny nose and eye problems, but appeared to have no prior knowledge of the pesky pencil. When asked how it entered his cranium, he chalked it up to a nasty childhood fall. Running with pencils is totally the new running with scissors. You heard it here first!

Which City Is the Most Fit and Fab of 2013?

It’s that time of year, you know, when everyone freaks out about fitting into their favorite swimsuit and rocking a hot beach bod. Therefore, it’s only natural that the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) revealed the 2013 list of fittest cities in the United States earlier in the week. Which city took top honors? That’s somewhat of a trick question. Why? Because there’s a TWIST! The fittest “city” in the country is actually the entire Minneapolis-St.Paul area in Minnesota – a.k.a. the Twin Cities. Hooray for two-for-one deals! Did your current hometown make the cut?

And there you have this week in “WHAT?!” Can’t wait to see what’s in store for humanity next!

Image via Stick Boy Daily.