Kit Steinkellner
May 03, 2015 10:24 am

Anyone who’s ever been NEAR a public bathroom knows that bathrooms intended for men show a stick figure in pants, while bathrooms intended for women show a similar stick figure in a dress. Tania Katan, a programmer and an activist, decided to subvert the female bathroom sign by coloring it in to reveal that the “skirt” on the female bathroom figure isn’t a skirt at all, but rather the edges of a superhero’s cape.

Katan, who is Axosoft’s Creator of Code, created the campaign with the goal of creating a feminist symbol for the women of tech.

“I thought perhaps we were always seeing her from the back, and we turn her around that we realize that she’s a superhero…she had been there the whole time. It shifted my perception and now when I see everyday symbols, I can’t see them the same way. When you see this shift, everything becomes fodder for reimagining,” Katan told Mashable.

Here’s a shot of Katan wearing a cape (Yessssss!) posing with her creation:

We love this campaign as a symbol for women in tech, and really also women in general. For more info on the #ItWasNeverADress campaign, check out their website!