Johnni Macke
May 08, 2016 9:24 am

Friends had a little bit of everything. Although we loved all of the friends (and secretly think Ross would’ve been the best BF ever), Phoebe might be the character who taught us the most.

Phoebe was a little out there and totally random at times, but she proved that being a free spirit is actually a good thing. Are there things we still think are weird about her (like her totally bizarre childhood), sure, but we still love her and know that channeling your inner Phoebe every now and again could be very beneficial. Discover all the positives about being a free spirit a la Pheebs below.

She truly loved love.

No matter what happened, Phoebe believed in love. Whether it was for her, or her friends, she was all about the love. Hello, she told Ross about Rachel being his lobster and basically saved their relationship. Okay, not really, but it did make us want to find our lobster.

She could see the silver lining even during power outages

Even when things literally got dark, Phoebe was able to see the light, or at least make the most of a bad situation and sing about it.

She always kept things from getting too serious

Sometimes we let life get in our way and stress us out, but not Phoebs, she never took anything too serious and therefore could totally relax… in most situations.

She sported serious hippie vibes

Even is you don’t fully believe in karma, remembering to put good vibes out into the world, will totally make your life better, not worse on a daily basis. Plus, if what goes around does come around, you don’t want any negative juju headed your way.

She wasn’t obsessed with technology

OMG, our favorite blonde hippie was really ahead of her time with this one. Pheebs wasn’t up to date with technology which was definitely a blessing. If you unplug every once and a while and actually live, you might realizes there is more to life than texting and emails. Just saying.

She never lost her inner child

Being a giant kid is not bad, Phoebe was basically a child in an adult body and she was one of the greatest people ever. She drank chocolate milk out of a straw and thought it was a good idea to change her name to Princess Consuela Bananahammock and those things made her more innocent, approachable and real.

She was honest (to a fault)

One of the best things about Phoebe’s attitude is that she never really liked to lie and always believed in telling the truth. Most of the time it lifted a huge weight off her shoulders, so yes, we might start saying what we actually feel (even if it’s a little harsh at times).

Her style was ah-mazing

Sure, it was eclectic and didn’t really match all the time, but being totally you and no one else is really cool. It also makes you a lot more likable, FYI.

She never cared about what others’ thought, like ever

Remember when she did her crazy run in the park and embarrassed Rachel? It was glorious. Being that okay with yourself and actually not caring about other people’s judgement must be SO freeing.

Channeling your inner free spirit might be hard for you, but just think, what would Phoebe do?