gummy candies melting
Credit: Erwin Trummer /

The internet has a way of turning the most random situations into stuff that intrigues the mind and distracts it from Important Life Stuff™. Our weekend-ready brains are weary, so we welcome the mental break. Now then, join us in watching candy melt in reverse to classical music. Don’t ask questions or object: This is one of those situations in which “Because we said so,” will have to suffice, so chill out contrarians, and get into this exhilarating short by Austrian photographer and filmmaker Erwin Trummer.

In the video, Trummer heats a saucepan and then adds in some candy and Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” to the mix, which makes us feel like we’re in one of those hoity-toity movie moments from a sweeping ballroom shot or an upscale wedding scene.

Except we haven’t been invited to gleefully mingle and eat fancy finger foods at some fantasy ceremony. We’re staring at an assortment of candies dying an elegant, artistic death by melting — in reverse.

It sounds extremely unlikely, but candy sizzling (and unsizzling?) to the sounds of the seasons just does something to you.

These deflating cherries took us on an emotional journey.

And this mini-gummy burger bubbling back to life brings us joy.

Watch the full version of “Melting Candy & Classic Music” below, and tell us it doesn’t make you feel ALL of the things:

Ah, just exquisite. This is probably the first time in history that seeing our favorite candies in melted form hasn’t left us feeling disappointed.