HelloGiggles Team
Updated December 26, 2014

Another year, another round of viral videos. Are we saying you’ll remember these forever? No, because when was the last time you watched Bert and Ernie’s version of “Ante Up,”? (Did you even recall that it existed until just now?) But these nine videos brought joy to the HelloGiggles editors and contributors this year, and we wanted to share that joy with you.

Louis CK’s Saturday Night Live monologue

Piper Weiss: This filled me with joy.

“Apparently” little boy

Amelia Olson: Oh, man.

Apollos “we started slow” Hester

Sundi Rose-Holt: This kid knows how to look at life.

Emma Stone’s lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon

Elena Sheppard: I may have watched this 200 times.

Too Many Cooks

Gina Mei: I’m pretty sure the theme song will never leave my brain, and it was so brilliantly done that it deserves a shout-out.

Munchkin the Shih Tzu

Carly Lane: He looks like an Ewok!

Paper cat

Elizabeth Entenman: It’s simple—just a cat and a piece of paper—but it still makes me go “gllll!” with delight.

Tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos

Caroline Gerdes: Good job, internet.

Parents tell their children they ate their Halloween candy

Kit Steinkellner: Presented without comment.

Teddy Bear the porcupine eats a tiny pumpkin

Jennifer Romolini: This video was so universally beloved that a very academic, very serious ex-boyfriend of mine shared it on my Facebook wall in October. Which pretty much means that Teddy Bear, the happy/squealing/overwhelmingly YOLO animal, transcended everything in 2014.

For Margie

Jill Layton: My best friend (Anjelah Johnson) is a comedian, and she dedicated her show in my hometown to my mom who passed away three years ago. I watch it every day.