Daryl Lindsey
December 19, 2016 1:45 pm

A little girl’s Christmas wish became a reality when her family gave her a puppy, and we’re definitely getting misty-eyed about it.

According to Daisy, all she wanted for Christmas was for her favorite toy, a stuffed dog named Luna, to turn into a real, live puppy.

With a little help from two hero parents, Daisy’s wish came true, taking the toy out of her arms to replace it with a dog of her own.

Her parents filmed her reaction while she received the adorable cocker spaniel puppy, which has since gone viral (for good reason!)

Daisy’s look of shock as the puppy is placed in her lap quickly melts into happy tears.

Daisy named her new family member, you guessed it, Luna.

Dogs really are man’s (and girl’s!) best friend, and we envision a strong friendship between the two of them as they grow up together.