still life inflating fruit mike pelletier
Credit: mike pelletier /

If you can spare four minutes of your precious time, do yourself a favor and get into this oddly entertaining short film that shows random foods deflating and re-inflating. In artist Mike Pelletier’s “Still Life,” we are treated to a weird, new way of playing with food.

In the film, various veggies, fruits, and breads get their close-ups in the quirkiest of ways, expanding and withering to the entrancing sounds of music producer Dylan Galletly. You’re probably already thinking this, but watching animated food is as strange as it sounds, and yet, we can’t seem to tear ourselves away from these Pelletier’s offbeat creative visuals.

For instance, we’re pretty sure you’ve never seen a cantaloupe like this before.

According to Laughing Squid, Pelletier describes his film as “Nature Morte as interpreted by finite element simulations.” In layman’s terms, that would be an artistic depiction of inanimate objects. It offers a unique look at foods losing their firmness, whittling down to saggy skin that reminds us of how frustrating it feels to have a ball continuously deflate when you just wanna play.

It’s kind of difficult to put into words how one feels watching oranges, avocados, and croissants shrivel and pulsate to the beat of some rather pleasant music. We were honestly captivated during one of the more satisfying moments from the film that occurs when what looks like a multi-colored ball magically transforms into a group of fruits and veggies.

Check out the food-filled reel in full:

What an absolutely fascinating collaboration between food and art! We’ll never look at the produce section the same way again.