Kenya Foy
April 12, 2017 2:52 pm
Media for Medical/UIG via Getty Images

Our tear ducts runneth over after watching this video of a 66-year-old man seeing color for the first time. According to the video description, the children of a man who had suffered from color blindness presented him with a pair of EnChroma glasses for his birthday, and his reaction to taking in all the wonderful hues has us suppressing the urge to bawl like a baby.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed various people who suffer from color blindness see colors for the first time in their lives, and watching an entirely new world open up to them is always an extremely heartwarming experience.

In the video that was shared on YouTube, the man can be seen opening a box containing the glasses. The moment he slips the spectacles on his face, he takes a brief glimpse at his surroundings and is immediately overcome with emotion.

Once he collects himself, he takes in the multi-colored balloons with complete awe and even gets a kick out of the electric blue hat he’s wearing. Later, the family sits around the TV and watches The Angry Birds Movie, which is filled with vivid colors that fascinate grandpa.

According to the National Eye Institute, people who suffer from complete color blindness — also known as monochromacy — don’t experience color at all and may even have a lack of clear vision.

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But thanks to these wonderful optical-enhancing spectacles, more and more color blind sufferers are seeing color for the first time, and we will continue to be excited to watch them experience life in a whole new way.