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As Leo Tolstoy wrote in Anna Karenina, “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” And if you’re the kind of person who spends a large sum of hours during the workweek at their desk, why not make your workspace a project this Spring with the help of washi tape?

If you’re unfamiliar with washi tape, it comes in SO MANY patterns and colors, and can be used for pretty much any craft you can come up with — from washi tape script cards to unique nail designs. Seeing as we here at HelloGiggles spend our week bringing you content from an office in beautiful Los Angeles, we decided to spruce it up around here with our own tape DIY projects.


A Two-Step Picture Frame

Credit: HelloGiggles

We bought this simple picture frame from IKEA for $3.99. We simply chose one of our favorite washi tape patterns and added it to the largest flat surface area on the frame. This frame took three lines of tape, layered on top of one another, to cover the section. Next up, another layer:

Credit: HelloGiggles

We chose a shimmery gold tape this time to add to the inner mat of the frame. Simply deconstruct the frame, add the tape (you’ll need to wrap the excess tape around the back of the mat) and put it back together again.


One-Step Washi Tape Pencils

Credit: HelloGiggles

Pretty much anyone who works in an office has pencils lying around like these, so we decided to brighten up our pencil cup with more patterns and colors. You can wrap the tape around in a spiral (like the leaf-patterned pencil), or section by section (like the pineapples).


Two-Step Journal

Credit: HelloGiggles

We purchased this simple Budget Planner from Michaels for $3.99. To spruce it up, we added three layers of washi tape to the spine, and then created our own divider tabs (hello, middle school!) to customize the planner a bit more. (To create divider tabs, fold three pieces of tape over each other, and then wrap tape around them to strengthen the divider. Tape it to your desired page, and you’re done!)

And with that… voilà! From drab to fab, in less than an hour. Grab your own washi tapes and get prettifying.

*This washi tape from Paper Mart was kindly sent to us for review & crafting.