Sade Akenzua
Updated Apr 15, 2017 @ 2:53 pm

This DIY crystal tiara will instantly make you look like the queen you are. The project only takes a few steps to make and requires just four materials. Embodying royalty has never been this easy.

To create this crown confection, you’ll need a metal headband to place the royal crystals on and jewelry wire to create a unique crisscross pattern. With just a couple of finishing steps, your crystal tiara will be complete. You can even create an ombré illusion with the layout of the crystals, like we did, or design your tiara with a different colorful arrangement.

Once you watch this video below you’ll see why you need to add this DIY crystal tiara to your jewelry box. Don’t be afraid to express your inner queen!

DIY Crystal Tiara


Metal headband
Jewelry wire (24-26 gauge)
Raw crystals (5-11)
Bedazzling glue (optional)


1. Glue the center crystal first. Glue on other crystals, leaving a little space in-between.
2. For the wire wrapping, cut a piece of wire at least 20 inches long and begin wrapping at the center of the wire. Starting at the center crystal, wrap one end of the wire diagonally around each stone 1-3 times. Take the other half of the wire and wrap it around each crystal diagonally the other way. After wrapping the end crystal, wrap around the headband a few times, stopping with the wire pointing upward, so it won’t poke your head. Cut the excess wire. Repeat on the other side.
Note: You can omit the glue entirely if you wrap one crystal at a time and wrap around each crystal at least 3 times. The glue helps stabilize the crystals so the wire wrapping is easier.