The Walking Dead already has an impressive roster of female characters (many of whom kick total butt), and thankfully, it looks like its spinoff series will follow in the same footsteps. The new new series — which is only going by the name Cobalt right now — has just landed its female lead, and we couldn’t be more excited: Kim Dickens!

Obviously, the world needs a Walking Dead spin off, but what’s going to be completely different about this new series is that it’s set to take us back to the origins of the zombie apocalypse — you know, the one currently tormenting Rick and company. A new location for the series was just announced the other week, and it’s going to take place in Los Angeles. And now, we know that Dickens will play a guidance counselor, who is currently named Nancy Tomkins (Note: That could totally change. Shows always go through multiple re-writes before we ever see the finished project on TV). She’s got two kids, and is dating a teacher at her school, who is the male lead for the show, and will be played by Cliff Curtis. Nancy is described as, “the girl next door, but there’s an edge to her.”

Where have we seen Dickins pop up before? She was in Gone Girl this past fall, playing Detective Rhonda Boney and also has had roles in Sons of Anarchy, Treme, Friday Night Lights and Lost. So yeah, she’s been around for a while but this will totally be her big break into the hearts of the huge Walking Dead fandom. Try and convince me that you haven’t been just a little bit curious as to how the whole zombie apocalypse happened in the first place. Now we’re finally going to see it all through Nancy’s eyes.

Aside from a few other casting announcements and its location, not a whole lot is known about the new show. Whatever it is, though, we are totally going to eat it up. But not in like a weird flesh-eating zombie way.

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