Ever since Keri Russell cut her hair off before Season 2 of Felicity (which led to a major ratings drop) Hollywood stars have often been contractually obligated to leave their hair alone. And fans of big shows usually know this, since they’ve been taught to associate the end of a character portrayal with a drastic haircut. Which is why everyone is flipping out right now over Lauren Cohan’s (the actress who plays Maggie on The Walking Dead) new pixie cut.

Conrad debuted her new ‘do at Z100’s Jingle Ball in New York City on Dec. 11. And people are kinda freaked out on Twitter.

Some fans are attempting to calm the public’s fear by informing those of us only familiar with the show that the hair cut is much more like that of the original comic book character’s.

Plus it’s not too hard to imagine a scene on the emotional sci-fi drama where Maggie would decide to do something drastic — like cut off her own hair…right? Right? Guys?

(Images via Twitter, AMC)