Credit: AMC

Whether we want to admit it or not, The Walking Dead Season 7 is going to start off with a huge BANG, when Negan’s bat comes in contact with someone we love dearly. Right now, there’s absolutely no telling who his first victim is. The Walking Dead premiered a brand new trailer for the upcoming season at Comic-Con, and it cleverly (and oh so rudely and frustratingly) managed to not show any main cast members, leaving their fates completely up in the air.

His first victim could be anyone. Rick, Darlyn, Maggie, Carl, Sasha, all of them. Including Glenn.

In the comics — and yes, this is a comics spoiler — Glenn is actually the first one to die after our gang meets up with Negan. It’s a horribly heartbreaking moment, and after last season’s “IS GLENN DEAD OR NOT” debacle, we’ve been slowing preparing our hearts for it to happen again. Over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, Steven Yeun addressed this issue head on, and if he’s the one to die in the premiere, he’ll actually be fine with it.

Credit: AMC

Yen, a long-time Walking Dead comic reader, has known about Glenn’s comic fate all along, and describes the moment as “incredible.”

“To be a hundred [Walking Dead comic] issues [in], and to land a [moment] like that to propel [the story] forward…for me, as a fan, this moment [Glenn’s death] is iconic.”

“However it happens [on the show], it’s such a great moment. When we led up to it, to see all the components that were happening, and to see Negan in the flesh, is awesome. To know that from here on out [after this moment], there’s going to be an opening to thrust the show even further. It’s probably one of the coolest things ever.”

Glenn is, sadly, on the very short list of people who Negan will ~PROBABLY~ die in the season premiere, and after listening to Yeun talk about it, we’re slowing coming to grips with his fate. As he said, whoever dies, it’s going to set the show on a whole new path and really open up the possibility of some amazing (and heartbreaking) storylines. Start getting the tissues ready.