Sammy Nickalls
Updated Apr 30, 2015 @ 9:49 am

This week, we’ve been totally misty-eyed over an amazing $3,000 tip a student left a waitress in honor of his former teacher. Unfortunately, few servers are so lucky, and many get stiffed on the tip no matter how hard they work to accommodate their customers.

Such is the case with Samantha, a waitress who works at Joe’s Crab Shack in Oklahoma City. Samantha wasn’t given a single cent of tip on a bill of over $70, but instead was given a rude note written in the gratuity line: “find sour cream.” The reason? Because the establishment had run out of sour cream. As if that’s a waitress’ fault. The snarky-tip-writers, Jon Frost and his wife, seemed to find this not only acceptable, but hilarious. Frost posted a picture of the receipt on Facebook, boasting about his “joke.”

Luckily, that’s not where this story ends. The boaster’s cousin, Dustin Clark, also posted the image to Facebook but with a caption that was 100% amazing. Dustin called out his cousin, claiming (correctly) that his actions were “rude.” “I do not believe that is right,” Clark wrote. He explained that as soon as he gets off work the next day, he’s going to go to the Joe’s Crabshack, find the waitress, and give her $20: “$10 for the meal and $10 for having to deal for rude people, and apologize for her inconvenience.”

That alone had us standing up and clapping, but that’s not all: Clark explained that he confronted his cousin and his wife about, “bragging about the rudeness on Facebook and actually posting it on Facebook.” Their simple, ridiculous response? “They had sour cream last time we ate there.”

Clark also implored readers to share the picture so that the Samantha might be able to see his post and know that, “she will get her tip tomorrow plus a lil [sic] extra for her inconvenience.”

The next day, Clark followed through with his promise. According to his follow-up post on Facebook, he met with Samantha, giving her a “nice card and her $20 well deserved tip . . . And she seemed like the nicest person in the world,” Clark continued. “Like one of those super nice waitresses that are nice,bubbly [sic] and energetic and makes sure everything is perfect, idk [sic] how anyone could have been so rude to her.”

According to Clark, Samantha was incredibly thankful. “Since it was dinner rush and she had a few tables we didn’t stay very long,” wrote Clark. “I think we made her day.”

We think you did too! Now, the image is being shared all over, Samantha got her due tip, and Frost’s name is on the receipt. Well, you know what they say about karma.

Our hearts are about five times bigger right now.

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