Well, this is unsettling. 30% of likely Republican primary voters think we should bomb Agrabah- the fictional city from Aladdin.

Let’s start at the beginning on this one. This week, Public Policy Polling spoke to 530 likely Republican primary voters on a variety of issues, foreign and domestic. According to the Guardian, they asked about many hot-button issues of the moment, including banning Muslims from entering the US and their position on Japanese internment camps during World War II. When they asked, however, about bombing a fictional locale set in a Disney-fied world, the answers were thus: 30% supported bombing it, 57% said they weren’t sure whether we should bomb it or not.

Only a sad, lonely little 13% opposed it. There doesn’t seem to have been a category for “That is not a real place,” but we think opposing it covers that knowledge. Among Democrats, btw, 36% disagreed with blowing Aladdin, Jasmine, and Rajah to smithereens.

Naturally, the Internet had a field day:

It’s easy to make jokes about this, because it’s pretty insane. But slowly it becomes clear just what madness this is: 30% of people polled, and a full 87% if you include the undecideds, would consider bombing a fictional place just because it sounds- and yeah, we’re going to take a guess on the motive here- like a Middle Eastern locale? We don’t think these numbers would have been nearly as high if the poll had asked about the Scandinavian-skewing Arendelle of Frozen.

It’s not even the lack of understanding to the Disney reference that’s the issue; we can’t all be Disney nerds (I mean, yes, we can, but let’s just be open-minded.) It’s the thought process it takes to go from hearing a fictional city name to deciding not only that it must be real-real even though you’ve never heard of it, but that you understand its political stance, and subsequently deciding it should be bombed. That’s straight-up terrifying, guys, we don’t even think Jafar would go there.

(Images via Disney)