Alyssa Thorne
Updated April 01, 2017

We expect a little heartbreak every April Fool’s Day, because people are MEAN and the world is CRUEL. Case in point: Virgin Australia announced canine crew members, and we got ridiculously excited because we remembered what day it was. With dog and cat cafes on the rise, and more and more places being open to letting you bring your pets with you, it seemed just on the right side of believable. Plus, the fact that we were so excited about this possibility that we basically were ready to book a vacation to Australia just for a cuddle definitely contributed to our gullibility.

Virgin Australia released this too cute video on Twitter announcing their newest initiative*.

*making us cry for what we cannot truly have

The thing is, this looks like a great idea!? Dogs are good at resolving people’s stress, which seems like a great thing since so many people get nervous about flying, and like, dogs can be trained to save people from various life threatening situations, so they could also train the dogs to help should something happen to the plane. Bonus!

These dogs could be safety measures, Virgin Australia. Nowhere in the video does it officially say April Fools, either, so we’re honestly going to continue to hold out hope that this announcement was real after all.

Obviously, most of Twitter was on our side of this video — this looks like a genuinely great idea and also, RUDE.

So what do you say, Virgin Australia? We are so very literally on board if you make this dream a reality.