Erin Mayer
Updated November 15, 2017 1:18 pm

We love coffee and resent anything that stands in our way of drinking a cup. So, this coffee riddle from Twitter that’s going viral is officially our least favorite thing on the internet right now.

This is essentially the coffee equivalent of The Dress, though it’s more of a riddle than an optical illusion. A Twitter user named Purp posted the image on November 9th, according to Indy100, but it’s so mind-bending that people are still talking about it days later.

It shows a mouth-watering carafe of coffee (are you salivating yet?) “being poured into a network of pipes which lead to four different mugs,” Indy100 reports. However, the brainteaser is actually way simpler than it looks. But it also baffled a lot of people — as of press time, the original post has about 4,600 likes, 2,100 retweets, and 2,200 replies. That’s because the devil is totally in the details.

Purp sums up the challenge in her original tweet:

I can see his point, I really can.

But when you take a step back…

You realize the answer was obvious all along.

If you’re not holding cup #5, you’re doomed to a caffeine-free day, my friends. Well, at least you are until you hit up a barista who won’t torment you with mind games when you’re just trying to get your daily fix. Personally, we thought #9 would be the only one to get coffee at first, so we were fooled initially as well. false

But as this tweet illustrates, the very end of the pipe above #9 is sealed off, too.

As Bustle points out, there are some similar puzzles to be found on the internet, but we’re not surprised the coffee version has captured the collective imagination. We love our viral coffee trends, from clear coffee to coffee-infused sheets. And we are personally more motivated to do anything when we know coffee is involved, and that includes coffee we can only stare wistfully at through our computer screens.