Kenya Foy
Updated Mar 03, 2017 @ 4:27 pm
Golden Eagle in flight
Credit: Mayall/ullstein bild via Getty Images

If we had wings, we would fly. But since we don’t, let’s get in some vicarious living through this literal bird’s eye view of a golden eagle hunting with a GoPro camera attached to its body. A peek at a day in the life of an eagle treats us to the gorgeous views enjoyed by the regal creatures, and if you’re a sucker for air travel, it’s the next best thing to having the window seat on a plane.

Thanks to some rather stellar photography, we’ve seen a crow riding an eagle (seriously), but no shade to the back-hopping bird companion: We’ll take this high-def footage over a squawk-filled account of what happens way up there.

Anyway, if someone outfitted us with a fancy camera, the footage wouldn’t be nearly as fascinating as seeing an eagle in flight over the mountains in eastern Mongolia. Oh yeah, there’s also a poor fox-turned-eagle meal that we prefer to gloss over but will have to settle for putting off until the last possible minute.

So, the clip starts with the eagle being released over the rocky terrain. Shortly after it lands out in the open, some crazy animal sounds can be heard in the background, but it’s not yet clear where they’re coming from. But then, a rewind-and-zoom-in moment reveals a fox that apparently lured the eagle out of the sky.

Here’s the full video, but for those of you who have a soft spot for foxes, feel free to watch on mute. Also, skip right on past the astonished look on its face, which makes its appearance around the 2:16 mark.

Oof. Beautiful yet difficult to watch at the same time.