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We have no idea why some things are so strangely calming, but when we find something that helps lower our ridiculously high stress levels, we take it. So when we discovered this Instagram dedicated to totally beautiful ceramics projects on Instagram, we were instantly wowed. Because it’s more than what you’d think. The account really walks you through every part of the creation process, and, whoa. It’s really so beautiful, and so bizarrely relaxing. And who doesn’t need more relaxation techniques?

Like, just watch this.

Ooooh we love this so much.

Even the resulting scraps are so beautiful.

We’d actually find a way to decorate with these.

And it gets better.

See? So soothing!

Mmm and this one.

Why does this make us so happy?!

And this bowl cutting is so strangely pleasing.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Plus these teensy cuts.

Major heart eyes.

And, an added bonus: this paint.

We’re such huge fans of this entire thing, and we’re not the only ones! These videos regularly get tens of thousands of views, and we can see why.