Kenya Foy
September 01, 2017 1:57 pm

Sometimes the best way to get past a fear is to face it head on. However, if you’re someone who’s afraid of heights but not actually interested in overcoming your debilitating agoraphobia, then we’re willing to bet that at some point, you’ve gotten lost watching videos involving the very thing that terrifies you.

It sounds completely irrational, but there’s actually scientific explanation for why some brains enjoy fear, even if the source of your terror doesn’t pose an actual threat at the moment.

As The Atlantic explains,

Think about it this way: It’s precisely why self-professed ‘fraidy cats flock to haunted houses every Halloween (*raises hand*) where they pay to experience a nightmare IRL.

If you want to test the waters with a little bit of remote exposure therapy, take a look-see at these videos you definitely should not watch if you’re afraid of heights (but you probably will anyway).

1This video of two daredevils climbing the Shangai Tower.

Your stomach will drop and beg you to stop watching, but it’s nearly impossible to turn away from this clip. The real scary stuff starts at the 2:34 mark — the camera points down at the top of two skyscrapers peeking over the clouds.

2This video of a dude pushing the limits of what we can handle seeing.

We have to warn you: Make sure your bladder is empty before pressing play on this video because the urge to pee your pants happens immediately within the first 10 seconds of a clip when a guy does flips on the ledge of a ridiculously tall building.

3This compilation of pure WTFness.

People who can manage to stand atop tall structures, smile, and hold selfie sticks at the same time are heroes, TBH.

4This skydiving clip.

Of the 30 million views this skydiving clip has amassed, we’re willing to bet at least a fourth of those came from nervous people who broke out in sweat watching a group of skydivers bail out of a plane over Dubai.

5This ridiculous bungee jump.

For heights haters, bungee jumping is probably number one on the list of things they will never do (ever), and this gut-wrenching video at the so-called “world’s first commercial bungy site” is the perfect reminder why.

6ZOMG, srsly don’t watch this.

*shiver* We need a moment to recover.

7This overview of China’s first glass-bottom suspension bridge.

Walking across a sky-high, glass-bottom bridge is yet another reverse bucket list contender for the person who prefers to keep their feet planted on terra firma, thankyouverymuch.

7This guy climbing a mountain without a harness.

Hard pass.

8This dad who *really* wanted to peek at the ocean.

Anyone who’s terrified of heights will find this dad’s struggle to see the Atlantic Ocean scary and also relatable AF.

9This heart-stopping cliff dive.

We nearly strained our necks watching this cliff diver’s record-setting, foot-first jump into a pool of water.

10This death-defying ski jump.

Beginner slopes, anyone?

11This short film about a base jumper who’s afraid of heights.

Not only will this gorgeous film scare the crap out of you, it just might inspire you to overcome your fear of heights and even find a way to see it as something you can do for fun.

Fine, maybe not, but watch it anyway.

12This guy falling off a bridge.Seriously.

Spoiler alert: He’s totally okay (thank goodness for harnesses), but you may not be after watching him slip and go tumbling over a ledge.

Whew! Call it cheating, but we think we’ve gotten our thrill-seeking fix for the next few months.