Kenya Foy
Updated Jan 31, 2017 @ 10:30 am
Credit: @peterburnsESPN /

Nothing tugs at the heartstrings quite like an injured animal, which probably explains why this video of a dog rehabbing its torn ACL with water exercises has gone viral. This adorable four-legged creature is one of those impossibly cute puppies that you want to rub, cuddle and take home with you (until you suddenly realize that oops, this dog already has an owner so you might as well get serious about adopting a puppy of your own).

Anyway, back to this sweet puppy that unfortunately doesn’t belong to us but nevertheless holds our hearts in its furry, little paws. Apparently, its human is none other than ESPN anchor Peter Burns, who shared this clip on Twitter of his dog Saban working through an injury.

GAH! Does life not feel instantly better watching this precious pooch walking in water?! It’s the simple things like this heartwarming video for which we are oh-so grateful.

Also, here’s another doggie-filled dose of happiness.

And a throwback photo of both of Burns’ dog that he shared after smitten followers tweeted him photos of their pups in response to his adorable rehab post:

ZOMG, our hearts.

For some reason, Burns was surprised by the overwhelming response his puppy video received from the Twitterverse, so he did what any decent, dog-loving individual would do: He posted a clip of all the social media shares his puppy video received.

So, yeah we’ve already established that we would absolutely lurve to be somewhere curled up in a corner, rocking this puppy like a baby, but since we’re not into dog-napping, we’ll settle for watching this vid on repeat.