Ashley Rey
Updated Feb 04, 2017 @ 2:39 pm
Working for the baby's future
Credit: PeopleImages/Getty Images

Ever wanted to know what it’d be like to stay pregnant for 260 weeks? Well, wonder no longer. The National Partnership for Women & Families gave us a look into the life of a woman who’s been pregnant for five years, and it seems to be pretty miserable.

Obviously, the video is satire, but, why the concept — you ask? Well, the video represents the concerns of many Americans who work for a job that doesn’t offer paid family leave. Lauren, the video lead, decided to stay pregnant because she couldn’t afford to take time off work. And her extreme case represents that of 86 percent of Americans. It’s obviously not possible to stay pregnant for five years. But, if families had the option, it’d totally be considered.

Get a dose of what it’s like to be five years pregnant by watching the awesome PSA, below!

It looks pretty uncomfortable, right? Vice president Vicki Shabo of the National Partnership for Women & Families seems to think so, too.

Shabo summed up the cruel reality for many Americans, and the inspiration for the PSA in one quote.

We totally agree, and we’re so happy the National Partnership for Women & Families put the concerns of many into this powerful PSA.

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