Scarlet Meyer
Updated Feb 18, 2017 @ 10:31 am
Credit: via YouTube

There are so many great epic tales of battles told throughout history. Books like War and Peace and The Iliad come to mind, movies like Apocalypse Nowand Saving Private Ryan also cross our minds. However, little did we know, the greatest battle of all time actually took place under the sea! It’s true!

You don’t know battles until you see this Red Octopus battle this Swimmer Crab!

It unfolds just like a movie! We see the octopus stalking the crab, and the poor crab losing horribly! It’s always either running away or falling over, and very rarely gaining any traction at all. It looks like the octopus is totally going to be the victor when out of nowhere-


This adorable and super predatory seal swoops in and eats the octopus at the last second! The crab seems super relieved, but also definitely confused. We all hope for lucky breaks in our lives, but sometimes we’re the most bewildered when they happened to us!

However this seal isn’t exactly the random act of crab kindness from the universe that we thought it was. According to the caption on YouTube from the diver who posted the video, the seal actually has a name, and it’s Whiskers. Whiskers often accompanies them on dives to take advantage of the good lighting for fish hunting. They had been swimming with Whiskers when they got distracted by the epic crab v. octopus battle, only to have Whiskers swoop in at the end and shut it down.

According to the diver who filmed this:

We couldn’t agree more! We kind of love Whiskers, but we also wanted to see how this played out!

Nonetheless, we can all learn a lot of from this fight. It’s easy to get caught up in the little things, but we can’t forget about the big things. Because some big things are called Whiskers and they don’t care if you’re busy fighting a Swimmer Crab! Or maybe they’ll save you from an octopus? We don’t know, maybe there isn’t a moral. This is a really cool video to watch though!