Kit Steinkellner
November 24, 2016 1:01 pm
Taveon Glenn/Facebook

It’s been a rough month for a lot of people, and we’ve definitely been self medicating with adorable viral videos. One of the absolutely cutest, sweetest, most perfect vids we’ve as of late is this clip that dad Taveon Glenn published on Facebook of his newborn Amira happily getting her hair washed.

Taveon Glenn/Facebook

“Happily” is probably an understatement. This newborn is totally in seventh heaven, and it’s just the sweetest thing to watch this baby hardcore bliss out.

And then the SCRUB BRUSH comes out. Omigod, that scrub brush. It basically sends Little Amira to another dimension.

Taveon Glenn/Facebook

Also, that bowl of water that gives Amira the gentlest little rinse! And the eensy-weensiest towel they put on her noggin at the very end! Excuse us, we had to go collapse from too much cuteness.

So we’re not the only ones who have found our new Internet Happy Place via this video. As of this writing, this clip has been viewed over 28 MILLION TIMES. That’s a LOT of people who realized they didn’t truly know happiness until they witnessed the shampooing of this baby‘s wispy little curls.

Amira’s dad had no clue their little home movie would go crazy-viral.

“I just thought it was a cute video I should show my family and friends,” he told The Huffington Post.

That said, he TOTALLY gets the appeal.

All right, we’re off to watch this video 28 million more times, byeeeeee.