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So many boob myths, so little time.

To validate the above/our new favorite turn of phrase, YouTuber Cristen Conger just tackled one of the sources of many, many boob myths: saggy breasts. And she did it in 2 minutes and 54 seconds, no less.

Cougar Town / Giphy
Cougar Town / Giphy

Cristen starts off by reminding us that many people blame bras for breast ptosis (a fancy way of saying “saggy boobs”). Perfect example: a study conducted by a French professor, who concluded that bras cause the breasts’ Cooper’s ligaments (which help our breasts’ maintain their shape) to become inactive and weak. The end result: sagging.

HBO / Giphy
HBO / Giphy

On the other hand, many doctors (especially during the 1970s) believed that bras actually supported Cooper’s ligaments. They thought that going braless would make these ligaments tired, leading to stretching and the inevitable boob saggage.

So, which is true?

Cristen exclaims, “Neither!” Why, you ask? Because of our genes!

New Line Cinema / Giphy
New Line Cinema / Giphy

Since we’re all unique humans, we all have completely different breasts – in terms of size, density, and elasticity. These three factors are what will actually determine when and how much our breasts sag. Also: gravity, which ensures that our breasts are destined to sag.

However, there are other boob saggage causes that aren’t related to our genetics: pregnancy, age, obesity, and cigarette smoking (since it reduces elasticity and damages the breasts’ exterior skin).

Also, exercise cannot turn back the clock because there are no muscles in boobs. There are muscles beneath them, but not in them. So all those exercise routines promising perky breasts: FALSE.

Now, give Cristen’s video a watch (because it’s informative, funny, and will remind you not to believe boob-related hearsay):

The takeaway: myths suck, but all boobs are awesome.