dirty car seat cleaning
Credit: @iandoit /

When’s the last time you gave your vehicle’s interior a good scrub down? If that question evokes fuzzy memories of a distant lifetime in which you showed your ride some routine TLC, we’re not here to judge you. In fact, this video of an exceptionally gross car seat being cleaned might make you feel better about owning a vehicle that practically doubles as an apartment.

Listen, we could all stand to step up our organizing and cleaning game, but it takes some serious will power to get your car cleaner than it’s ever been and keep it that way.

And did we mention how huge of a hassle it is?

Yeah, so staying on top of car maintenance can be the ultimate pain in the butt (public transportation, here we come). Anyway, if you’re lazy AF and don’t want to do it yourself, we beg of you to please drop a little coin and pay someone else to do it before things get out of hand, like this scary-level filthy car seat below. We care deeply about you, so we feel it our personal duty to encourage you to clean your car thoroughly because we couldn’t bear the thought of your butts touching this on the regular.

Sheesh, y’all. Life is full of responsibilities, but if you needed any encouragement to finally make time to jump start your spring cleaning routine, then here ya go! Srsly, get it together people, and let’s roll into this new season feeling more…hygienic. If this doesn’t convince you to start cleaning like maniac, consider the fact that you will officially be allowing a car-washing baby to outperform you.

Happy spring cleaning, everyone!