birth control

Millions of women use women’s birth control and know how to take it… but do they know how it works? Well, it turns out that pretty much no one, men or women, totally know how it works, according to a video by Mic that is totally freaking us out right now.

The video starts off with guys being grilled about all sorts of birth control methods, from diaphragms to female condoms… the latter of which seemed to TOTALLY freak out a bunch of them. And don’t even get us started on IUDs. When one guy was shown an IUD, he said, “Can you fish with it?” We know you’re joking, but c’mon, man.

When women were asked about these contraceptive methods, you’d think they’d know a little bit more about it than the guys — after all, ladies are the ones who use ’em, right? No, not so much. A lot of the women didn’t even know what a female condom was. Hey, not all of us use them, so that’s OK, right? Exceeeppppttttt even when they recognized birth control pills, they couldn’t explain how they actually worked.

“I’m just gonna say ‘puts hormones in you,’ because that’s the extent of my knowledge,” one woman responded.

Hey, a lot of us may not be able to explain how our birth control works. But shouldn’t we know? Isn’t that something we should understand about our bodies instead of just letting them do their magic without worrying about it — especially in light of the major Planned Parenthood debates? Perhaps it’s about time for us to actively start learning more about our bodies, our sex lives, and our birth control — and that goes for the guys, too.

Watch the full video below, and start learning, folks.

(Image via video.)