Credit: Queer Kid Stuff/YouTube

It’s never too early to educate kids about the meaning of LGBTQ, but some parents may not know where to begin — and that’s why we absolutely love this fun educational video that explains the meaning of LGBTQ to kids. It’s the latest installment of the web series “Queer Kid Stuff,” which aims to educate kids in a manner that’s both fun and accessible.

Amer told The Huffington Post that the latest section of the series expands on the foundational ideas that were introduced to kids in prior episodes of “Queer Kids Stuff.”

Amer also touches on another important subject — that people with the same sexuality present and express themselves in a variety of ways.

The show’s fun, accessible format (the theme song already has me singing along) is ideal for educating kids about what it means to be LGBT. The short weekly episodes provide the perfect conversation starter for parents who want to talk to their kids about sexuality, but haven’t found the right approach. Oh, and did I mention that Teddy is seriously adorable?