The Internet has held a long, obsessive fascination with cats. We love it when they’re grumpy. We love it when they’re existential. We love putting bread on their faces. But now, a YouTube user has revealed that cats are actually devious, predatory, and downright evil – like we knew all along. And they want payback for all of that breading.

YouTube user Ignoramusky cut together dozens of videos showing nefarious felines lurking in the shadows, waiting to attack the next broom/ankle/horse/camera that comes their way. Even little tiny kittens have it in for us and are born with killer instincts, as one clip shows a black-and-white cat viciously attacking a broom.

Full disclosure: I’ve always been a dogs-over-cats person (they’re just friendlier! They like everything you do and don’t judge you for eating ice cream out of the pint container like my cat in high school did). But I’m glad that someone has actually taken the time to prove, empirically, that cats are like little tiny Satans with whiskers. (Okay, they’re really cute. But I still like dogs better).

(Image via iStock)