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Credit: Reza/Getty Images

If potty humor isn’t your particular brand of funny, then we’re #sorrynotsorry to direct your attention towards this America’s Funniest Home Videos clip we spotted on Bored Panda. So, the brief video shows a cat smelling another cat’s fart but c’monnnn, HOW COULD YOU NOT LAUGH AT THIS?!

We already have a pretty clear scientific explanation on why your cat is picky eater but regardless of what science says about this particular behavior, cats sniffing other cats’ butts is undoubtedly one of those things they do without realizing they’re adorable.

Fine, we’ll concede on using the word adorable, but animals can still be cute even when they’re doing gross stuff and seeing this cat become absolutely stunned by the stench of its fellow feline’s backside is the ultimate proof.

Now, that was funny. Butt-sniffing is intrinsic animal behavior, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this cat thought twice about where it sticks its nose in the future.