Meaghan Kirby
November 29, 2016 3:04 pm

More often than not, the best part of Facebook is the adorable videos being shared by old high school classmates and your third grade teacher. Most viral Facebook videos being shared are either food demonstrations, cute babies, or cute animals. Our latest favorite contains two of those elements, babies and animals! It features a baby delighted by its pet cat, and omigod we cannot get enough.

In the video, posted to the Facebook page The Pet Collective, we meet the most adorable infant who is completely mesmerized by their family cat. As the cat walks around the baby’s crib, the child cannot contain their excitement.

Check it out below, if you’re ready to have your day made 100 percent better:

The baby is both overjoyed and completely surprised to see their furry friend crawling around their crib. When the cat steps over the baby, the baby squeals with delight. While cat does not seem as excited as its human sibling, we definitely see an inseparable bond in both their futures.

From the look on the mom’s face when showing the cat to the baby to the dad’s laughter in the background, we don’t think this is the first meeting between cat and baby. From the number of times we’ve watched the video, we doubt this will ever get old for the parents of the baby and cat. We’re sure there’s nothing like seeing this encounter live. If you’re going to share any post on Facebook, this one has our vote.

We think it’s awesome when children are exposed to animals at an early age. There’s nothing like having a furry best friend from day one!