Kenya Foy
Updated Jan 03, 2017 @ 7:50 am
Credit: Kayli Shoff/

A Utah couple and parents of twin boys are sharing footage captured by their nanny cam as a cautionary tale to other parents. As People reports, the video shows Kayli and Ricky Shoff’s 2-year-old son pulling a dresser off his twin brother after it fell on him and the incident is both terrifying and amazing.

The video opens with twins Brock and Bowdy in their room trying climbing inside two open dresser drawers. Unfortunately, their weight causes the furniture to topple over, leaving Brock wedged underneath the dresser. In a miraculous move, Bowdy lifts the fallen dresser off his brother.

Watching the two minute and eight second clip definitely has us feeling a bit unnerved so we can only imagine how the twins’ parents felt after realizing what happened. As it turns out, the Schoffs had no idea about their boys’ scary accident until after watching the footage.

“I usually hear everything. We didn’t hear a cry, we didn’t hear a big thud,” Kayli told NBC News. “So we woke up, looked at the camera like, ‘What’s going on? Are they still sleeping?’ and we saw [the dresser] was all the way down.”

The twins’ dad posted a message on Facebook, expressing gratitude that his boys are OK.

Meanwhile, Kayli has a warning to help parents avoid what could’ve turned out to be a lot more severe situation.

“Everybody needs to bolt down their dressers to the wall. I mean, we just didn’t think about it,” she said. “Accidents are going to happen, but we want to spread awareness to this one accident that happened and hope that it doesn’t happen to any other family.”

We couldn’t be more relieved that the twins are doing fine and hope that parents take heed to the Schoff’s message.