Spice Girls World Tour 2007: Los Angeles - Exclusive Performance
Credit: MJ Kim/Spice Girls LLP via Getty Images

Ever since Victoria Beckham entered the music world as the delightfully pouty Posh Spice, we’ve been pretty proud of following basically everything she does. So how, then, did we miss the fact that this former Spice Girl turned style mogul has an actual real life hip hop album?

Because she totally does. And now our lives are truly complete.

Apparently in 2003, the singer experimented with the hip hop genre by creating a full album of songs including collaborations with some pretty big names. The Mirror originally leaked the story about the existence of the previously unknown demo, which was auctioned on eBay and is now available (thanks to a glorious playlist) online. The album is called Come Together and features 17 previously unheard tracks by the singer, including some pretty major collaborations.

In thinking about it, it’s really no surprise that something as different and fun as this exists. Beckham has always been willing to be a risk-taker and it shows a lot of courage to try out something completely outside her comfort zone.

While the album itself has gotten some mixed reviews from listeners, we have to admit we love everything about it. The songs bring back the fun nostalgia of the early ’00s style. And it’s really cool to hear Beckham in a completely different way than we’re used to. Not to mention, it’s a great reminder that every artist does a lot of experimenting before they truly find their voice.

Start with a little listen to her fun and playful (and totally retro rendition) of “Come Together” (which the album is named after) and prepare yourself for a whole night of listening, because it’s pretty addictive.