Solar System planets
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The term “retrograde” may leave many modern mystics freaking out, grabbing the nearest quartz for some extra protection. And although the term is usually thought of with the planet Mercury, that’s not the only planet to undergo retrograde. Since our solar system is an equal opportunist, Venus — which rules over beauty, love, and money — will be going retrograde tomorrow, Saturday March 4th.

But what does that mean, and how can we expect to be affected?

We spoke to astrologer extraodrdinare Annabel Gat to get the 411 on the cosmic climate. Annabel writes daily and monthly horoscopes for Broadly and VICE’s Snapchat, as well as co-hosts a YouTube channel called “Astrology for Days,” so it’s safe to say she knows her retrogrades.

When a planet goes retrograde, it moves backwards through the degrees of the zodiac. This is actually an optical illusion, but that’s why whatever the planet rules over is said to go haywire. Since harmonious Venus rules over love, money, style, and beauty, we can expect issues surrounding these things to intensify. Annabel also adds,

And although there’s a saying that relationships which begin during Venus’s retrograde are doomed, Annabel is skeptical of this claim, saying many people, including herself, have seen beautiful and profound relationships begin during the planet’s retrograde.

The key to surviving retrograde is to work with its energies instead of against them. Feelings of inadequacy and issues surrounding self-worth may be on high when Venus goes retrograde, so use this as an invitation to explore what you’re feeling by journaling.

Annabel also says to reflect on where you were emotionally in 2009, which was the last time Venus was retrograde in Aries and Pisces (the signs it will be in this time). What have you learned between then and now, and how can these lessons help you? Annabel also suggests thinking of how you work with your senses.

Since retrogrades are known for messing things up, this is not the time to experiment with your style in any permanent way. Wait until retrograde is over to get that new tattoo or to try bangs and don’t make any extravagant and expensive purchases, yes like those shoes you’ve been eyeing, either. But since Venus begins her retrograde in Aries, it is the perfect time to try a new red lipstick or to experiment with how you fill in your eyebrows (again, no plucking, remember nothing permanent!). Venus re-enters psychedelic and romantic Pisces on April 2nd, and since Pisces rules over feet, it’s the perfect time to sage your old shoes.

So wear your favorite lipstick, figure out your Venus retrograde style, and be boldly and unapologetically you.