Laura Donovan
February 05, 2014 1:00 pm

For the first time since high school, I have a date for Valentine’s Day, which I spent eating Seamless Chinese food solo in 2013. I was so excited to have company this year (but it’s awesome to be single for V-Day too!) that I ordered my gift a month ago. Valentine’s Day may seem like it only caters to women, but there are plenty of things you can get your guy come February 14. Here are some presents he’d love.

1. Chocolate, candy or cookies

You can’t go wrong with this classic choice. Ask what he likes best and bring him these treats on Valentine’s Day. If you’re a baker, make him a batch of cookies. If you’re like me and despise all-things cooking, grab a nice box of chocolates. It may not be major, but he probably doesn’t want to go all out for Valentine’s Day anyway. It doesn’t have to be from See’s or the grocery store either. You can snag special chocolates online if you’d prefer!

2. Tie/belt holder

I bought one of these for my boyfriend for Christmas, as he has countless ties and belts. If you’re on a budget, you can to keep the belts in order! It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to help your fellow keep his stuff organized.

3. Anything from Shutterfly

If you haven’t heard of Shutterfly, your life is about to change. I turned to Shutterfly for gifts this year and ordered a pen/desk organizer and custom-made card. You can buy anything from a photo album book to a custom mug for the two of you. If you want to go the extra mile and purchase something with heart, Shutterfly will be there for you — there’s even a “for him” gifts section.

4. A nice pen

It never hurts to carry a pen around with you, and if he has a professional job, this could really come in handy (pun intended, you’re welcome).

5. A calendar

If your guy is still behind the times and hasn’t figured out it’s 2014, he’d really benefit from a calendar, which provides cool pictures if nothing else. Help him keep his life organized with one of these. It’s only February!

6. A gift card

Add an extra touch by slipping it into a cute card holder box. It will feel more like a gift and give him something to open up like a regular present.

7. A cute photo

If he doesn’t have a lot of pictures in his place, get him some framed photos of the two of you. If you’d like to step it up a little bit, you could even select a digital photo frame and upload a ton of images to it. Either way, he’ll always have you around, and that’ll put him in a good mood during uninspiring days.

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Featured images via ShutterStock, Thrifty NinjaAmazon and Pinterest.

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