Vagina Questions We've All Googled

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Ah, remember your first period? You know, that time when your body signaled exciting changes and the gates of adulthood opened up to joyfully welcome you in? *Record scratch* Yeah, no. For many of us, the experience was nothing like a romanticized coming of age tale and a lot more like a personal horror movie (in which we also ruined our favorite pairs of underwear).

Periods shouldn't be scary, but the first time can be unsettling, especially if you weren't adequately educated about menstruation before looking down and seeing drops of blood. For some of us, our first periods came with a lot of questions. For example, what is the blood supposed to look like? How often should you change a pad? Are these kinds of cramps normal? Even as menstruation veterans, some of us still ask questions like this after years of having our periods.

We want to keep having conversations about our periods and normalize the many questions, concerns, and curiosities that come along with them—because menstruation can actually be a pretty amazing thing. We talked with people who menstruate to learn about all sorts of first period stories, from textbook, white-shorts level of embarrassment to some that were even kind of beautiful.

<v ->So I Googled it and of course when you Google something</v>

it tells you that you're gonna die.

(upbeat melody)

I Googled the symptoms for vaginosis.

It doesn't even mean that there's anything

necessarily wrong with you.

It's just an over-influx of bacteria,

good bacteria, bad bacteria.

I couldn't tell anyone,

"Oh, my vagina stinks and there's this discharge

coming down."

You know what I mean?

That's embarrassing.

<v ->Health classes don't really talk about discharge.</v>

No one tells you that it's gonna end up in your underwear,

you're not quite sure what it is,

why does it smell like this?

Is it supposed to smell like this?

Are there chunks in it?

Is it curdling?

We don't know.

<v ->I am on the pill but I'm terrible at timing.</v>

So I don't even know it's gonna be quite as effective

and I didn't know whether I should take

the morning after pill.

Should I rather be safe than sorry?

And I had nowhere to turn and no one to ask

'cause even if you ask an internet,

should I take the morning after pill

if this is my exact scenario?

<v ->Should vaginas be like swampy or kind of,</v>

after a long day or should I go get checked for something?

How do I know?

<v ->Why is one boob always bigger than the other one?</v>

Is that universal for all women?

Also, why don't we have bras that match that?

<v ->Are you supposed to go get waxed on your period?</v>

So, I actually Googled it.

It actually said yeah, just wear a tampon

but it's gonna hurt more.

(cat meowing)

<v ->Everyone watches porn, right?</v>

So you think a vagina should look like the girls

in the porn videos but sometimes

people get incisions and stuff.

<v ->Is everyone's down there look the same as mine?</v>

<v ->I guess mine's kind of like fatter</v>

so I always wonder is this unnatural if it's fatter?

Am I a hermaphrodite?

I used to go under things like that.

<v Woman>So when you look, is it supposed to look like-</v>

Date updated: February 02, 2021