Lauren Saccone
Updated Dec 27, 2017 @ 8:33 am
transgender tattoo
Credit: Lindsay Peace / Facebook

Tattoos often symbolize something special or significant in our lives, which is why so many people choose to honor a family member or loved one when they choose a design. And one mom actually updated her tattoo to honor her transgender son. Seriously, you might need tissues for this one.

Over a decade ago, mom-of -three Linsday Peace decided to have her children’s portraits tattooed on her arm. Her husband Steven, a tattoo artist, was happy to comply. Fast forward to 2014, when their son Ace came out as transgender. Although their family was incredibly supportive, Lindsay wanted to go further than just words: She decided to update her tattoo accordingly. Steven shared the results on Facebook, along with an explanation behind the decision.

The original tattoo featured a pre-transition Ace with pigtails in a dress, so Steve and Lindsay worked together to update the tattoo to represent Ace as he is now. The end result was an accurate representation of who Ace really is, and he’s delighted by this tribute from his parents.

We love these beautiful tattoos, but we love the beautiful gesture even more. Now that’s a tattoo worth bragging about!