Brianne Hogan
Updated March 05, 2018 9:27 am
Xuanyu Han / Getty Images

If you have a special connection with Mother Nature and you’re a mother-to-be of a daughter, then you might want to name your baby girl something that’s inspired by the beautiful nature around us (Kylie Jenner’s “Stormi,” anyone?). I mean, who wouldn’t want their name to evoke something as breathtaking as a blossoming flower, an astrological gemstone, or even a bird?

With this in mind, we’ve come up with some some nature-themed and unusual baby girl names to consider for your baby. And yes, they’re all Mother Nature-approved.


Not just for the ’90s sitcom that starred Mayim Bialik, this name means “flower-like.”


A name fit for a Disney princess, this French name also means “purple-colored flower.”


Though this Anglo-Saxon name’s meaning is pretty self-explanatory (“clover blossom”), we’d like to think that it might also be pretty lucky.


Originally a Latin name, this name not only speaks of your love for the coral reef, but also refers to the coral stone as well as the beautiful shade of the same name.


This adorable Old English moniker means “eye of the day” and is also taken from the popular yellow and white flower.


Originally from Greece, this gorgeous name refers to the beautiful green gemstone and is also the astrological gemstone belonging to Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer.


Have a special connection to the animal world? Then you might love this Latin name meaning “animal life.”


Literally meaning “from the earth,” you can’t get anymore earthy than this beautiful name of Italian and Greek origin.


From the hazel tree to the hazelnut, this elegant name represents a number of delightful aspects of nature. And let’s not forget those beautiful hazel-colored peepers.


Literally meaning “colors of the rainbow,” this sweet name of Greek origin also refers to the flowering plant by the same name.


The English name refers to the delicate plant while also being gorgeous and reflecting a simplistic beauty that would be perfect for your daughter.


This lovely name is of Latin origin and means “of the moon.” Plus, it’s Chrissy Teigen-approved.


A traditional English name, this name reflects a beautiful aspect of nature — open, green, and gorgeous.


A different form of the traditional name “rose,” this English name refers to the “first rose” of the season, and would be a perfect fit if you’re expecting your first daughter.


This unique name has origins in both French and Latin. Apparently it was not frequently used until the late eighteenth century, which is when we needed new words to describe the vast American wilderness.


An old English name for just that — rain. This moniker has a mystical feel to it.


Originating from Latin, this name means “redwood tree” — especially the Californian redwoods, some of the tallest trees in the world.


This English name refers to both the Scottish Isle of Skye as well as the actual sky. So if you have a Scottish background, this one would really work for you.


This cheerful English name means “brilliant” and “of the Sun,” and is sure to brighten anyone’s day.


A Spanish name meaning “earth,” this is a beautiful nod to Mother Nature.


An English name meaning “slender and graceful,” it’s no wonder this also describes the tree of the same name.


From Welsh origin meaning “the ruler,” this name also refers to the beautiful wild bird.