Shaunna Murphy
January 06, 2017 11:25 am

Obviously, it goes without saying that we are very, very against the sending of nudes without the receiver of said nudes’ permission. Digital sexual harassment is a very real thing, and sending someone a photo of your private parts without their consent (as well as the inverse, looking at such photos of someone else without their consent) is a crime, and one that we take seriously.

However, we’re also good for a laugh, and sometimes, dick pics do happen by accident. And when an English tech support worker received one such pic on his cell, he responded in the most vicious-slash-hilariously-funny way possible — and his prank has Reddit and Imgur users in stitches.

Basically, once he received the NSFW photo in question, the man claimed to be a urologist from Kings College hospital in London — and he advised the sender to get checked out for “abrasions” caused by “over masturbation without adequate lubricant” as soon as possible. Yikes.

He also told the sender he had a yeast infection, adding “I would bet my medical career on it,” and offered the poor guy an at-home remedy … and this, my friends, is where it truly gets brutal.

“Simply mix 1-part self-raising flour with equal 1 part water with your hands into a ‘batter,’ then apply to the infected area,” the good “doctor” instructed. “This will draw out the yeast and remove the infection. You may need to repeat the treatment 2 or 3 times if it reappears.”

The poor man at the other end of the phone actually freaking did it, making this the first time we’ve ever really felt bad for someone who sent an inappropriate photo to someone else without their consent.

“That stuff really stuck to my pubes,” he wrote in dismay.

So in case you ever accidentally receive a photo you absolutely did not want to see, you have options if you want to take a crappy situation and make it really, really funny.