Jessica Ellis
Updated May 29, 2016 5:53 am

Quinn, Rachel, and the whole cast of UnREAL are at last coming back to us, after blowing the doors off The Bachelor mansion last year with their inside look into a very familiar reality dating show, this time called Everlasting. If you somehow missed this feminist juggernaut of a show last year, you’ve got just over a week to catch up! Here’s all the reasons why you NEED to see season one to hit the ground running with these power-playing ladies.

It’s perfect if you love/hate The Bachelor

One of the biggest misconceptions about UnREAL is that it thinks women who buy into the fantasy of reality show love are dumb, but one of the best storylines in season one is how Quinn, the merciless, cynical showrunner of Everlasting, turns out to have a soft spot for cheesy romance when it enters her own life. Admit it: we all want to be the rescued princess just a little bit, and the show never denies that that’s an issue that feminist, smart women deal with. So if you love The Bachelor but know somewhere in your heart that it’s also a teeny bit problematic, UnREAL will embrace you.