Teri Wilson
February 27, 2016 9:16 am

Last Wednesday, police in Madera Ranchos, California, got to say what was surely the most epic statement in law enforcement history: “The unicorn is in custody.”

The announcement came after hours of fielding 911 calls from residents claiming to see a unicorn running wild on the city’s streets. They dispatched a helicopter to search for the unicorn. For a while, it seemed like all of our unicorn-loving dreams had come true.

Rankin/Bass Productions

Alas, it was not an actual unicorn. (Siiiiiiigh.) It was, however, the next best thing. The runaway animal turned out to be an adorable white pony…a pony who happens to enjoy dressing up like a unicorn. The pony is named Juliet (awww) and belongs to professional photographer Sandra Boos, who bought the super cute animal for her five-year-old daughter, Tatum. Sandra and Tatum frequently play dress-up with Juliet, unicorn-style, with pink ribbons, flower wreaths and a horn (obvs). Pony-turned-unicorn-Juliet poses in a lot of Sandra’s photo shoots. Check out the magical cuteness!

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On Wednesday, Juliet was all dressed up for a photo session and accidentally got loose. Then she went FULL UNICORN and romped all over the city like a magical creature, spreading joy and rainbows everywhere she went. While the community at large was probably thrilled to see a unicorn running around the hood, Sandra’s daughter, Tatum, was devastated. It was a frightening three hours for the little girl as California Highway Patrol chased the pony through highways, 13 orchards and five miles.

Sandra told BuzzFeed, “She’s all white and she’s small, which made finding her difficult. The highway patrol called in a helicopter and they actually used infrared heat to find her.”

Finally, this happened:

Yeah, that’s totally a photo of a unicorn getting arrested. (Sort of.) Much to Tatum’s relief, her beloved pony was returned home, safe and sound.

We love a happy ending! You can see more about the pony’s great escape here. While we’re delighted Juliet is back home with Tatum, we can’t help but rejoice in the fact that for a while, the world thought unicorns were real.

We still believe!