These DIY unicorn ornaments are the cutest alternative to "classic" holiday decorations

If you’re sick of “classic” holiday decorations, like big red bows and gold tinsel, then you definitely need these unicorn ornaments in your life (and on your tree).

“But what mall do I have to fight my way through to find these?” you may ask.

Good tidings of joy! No mall required. You can make these fancy li’l balls of holiday cheer at home. Use these directions on brand new baubles or spruce up ornaments from years gone by. These unicorn ornaments will make your decorating all the more magical.

Unicorn Ornaments


Iridescent or clear glass ornaments
Acrylic paint
Small cups
Black paint pen
Gold polymer clay
Faux flowers
Glitter craft foam
Hot glue gun


1. Remove the metal top of the ornament and pour in acrylic paint. Roll the ornament around to spread the paint and add more if needed. Place the ornament upside down on a small cup to allow the paint to drain and dry for 48 hours.
2. Roll a small amount of polymer clay into a thin cone shape. Make two thin cones and twist them together. With a knife, slice off the bottom end to make a flat edge. Roll the horn or pinch it with your fingers to flatten the sides.
3. Place the horns on parchment paper and bake them in the oven at 225 degrees F for 30 minutes.
4. Replace the metal top of the ornament. Draw on eyes with the paint pen. Hot glue the horn to the ornament.
5. Cut out ears from glitter craft foam and hot glue them on. Add small flowers around the top.
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