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Is it raining out? Because this dad sure doesn’t notice. A photo posted on Reddit by 25-year-old user Eumine Choi has gone viral since it went up four days ago, and it’s all because of the simple act of kindness that it captures.

The photo, pictured below, shows what looks like a dad and his son walking in the rain with an umbrella, except only one of them is staying dry. The dad is holding the umbrella safely over his son’s head, allowing himself and his belongings to get entirely soaked in the process.

It’s so sweet, because what’s important to the father is that his son is comfortable, even though he probably just finished up a long day of work. That’s true dedication. As Choi, who goes by “Mystarbucknameismike” on Reddit, puts it, “Hope the son just grows up to realize how lucky he is… Pay it forward.”

Later, Choi spoke to NBC about the touching moment:

Now, they’re working on getting the photo to the family. It was shared on the Facebook page for the Kon Wah Day School, the name printed on the son’s backpack. Fingers crossed that it gets back to the family so the father knows his good deed didn’t go unnoticed!

(Image via Imgur)