Pandas On Show At China's Largest Breeding Programme
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We LOVE baby animals, as anyone with a beating heart and decent soul does. We thought that love would be never-ending! That it would have no bounds! But now we’re questioning things, because we 100% would have expected baby pandas to be super cute, like, right? Except… they’re actually horrifying.

The internet was thrilled for Lun Lun, a 19-year-old giant panda at Zoo Atlanta, who just birthed two cubs.

We’re so happy for her!

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But we’re also super freaked out about what baby pandas actually look like.

Prepare to lose it.

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But we’re still excited!

We’ll just say it’s a testament to the beautiful variety of animal babies to be found in nature, and that we’re so, so happy to see new little ones continuing to be born into the world.