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We all know it’s expensive to have a baby. In my own experiences of nearly drowning in pre and post birth doctor and hospital bills, I’ve learned it’s impossible to avoid a lengthy list of charges for things I didn’t realize I could be charged for at the time — such as an extra diaper or even the use of a ‘patient belongings bag’ (yes, that’s a real charge). There’s literally a fee for everything, as one couple recently discovered on their itemized bill for a C-section.

The typical charges are listed in the photo above with one unbelievable item added — the fee for “skin-to-skin contact after C-section.” In other words, these parents were billed $39.35 for—get this—holding their baby! Surely this is a mistake, as the request to hold one’s newborn can’t possibly be an actual charge, can it?

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The confused father took to Reddit to post the absurd proof, hoping others would agree that this is something that shouldn’t be happening to them, or any parent.

With the bill having gone viral in just 24 hours (to date it’s gotten over 5.7 MILLION views), everyone is weighing in, including a fellow Reddit commenter with her take on the mysterious charge.

We’re not sure if that makes the charge justified or not, but at least we now understand why it’s there. Regardless, we hope this won’t make parents think twice about choosing to hold their newborns immediately after delivery.